Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Urban Spam: another bad example, but could it have been a good one?

Whilst spending the morning perusing the wonderful thoughts and opinions of the people on the world wide web, I came across this at Three Minds. I couldn't agree more with Misha's sentiment that advertisers and brands are in danger of annoying the very people they're targeting by being overly intrusive, branding every single available space out there.

This left me thinking about what would be a good thing to lazer etch onto an egg. What if they gave something back, actually made us smile or feel more fondly about them? What an opportunity to move a product from commoditity to brand. Egg manufacturers could do all kinds of fun and interesting things, rather than advertising, what about recipes, or poetry or jokes?

Remember when ice cream sticks used to have jokes etched into the wood? That was brilliant and clever, I used to saviour it, I'd like to think it wasn't cynical marketing, it had shades of the Innocent way of doing things. If anyone is out there who works in eggs, why not try doing something different, we'll thankyou for it.

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