Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Design of the week: a website and a power extension

So I'll start with the power extension

Curtesy of Boing Boing , I came across this lovely piece of design. I can just imagine this sitting under my desk, or being tucked in behind an armchair, which will only be discovered when you need to plug in your mobile charger. I like the play between making something usually so dull, quite pretty and fun, but also the whole consumerism angle to it. Must find out where I can get one.

Visualising the news

This is a completely different way of displaying the news. Fallon picked up on this earlier in the week, it is a news agregator site, which has taken a novel graphic approach to visualising the news. I think it's great, but also because it is surprisingly intuitive and simple in showing what is happening right now, but importantly what stories the newsreporters think are important.

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