Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I love design

Always have. From the simply beauty of graphic design:

To brilliant industrial design:

I'm not sure why 'design' captures me, might be because my dad trained as a designer, or might be because I grew up in the hey day of advertising and logos, or it might be simply being brought up in the greatest city in the world, being surrouded by the vibrant, creative place that is London.

In any case, I think design has never been so exciting.

Where form used to follow function, indeed when form was the sacrificial cow of function, now we seem to be in a time where form is as hallowed as the function. And personally I think that is fantastic. I love seeing the juxtaposition of something totally utillitarian, with something totally wacky.

Why shouldn't everyday objects be beautiful?
Why shouldn't all the really boring dull stuff we look at, not be fun, playful and interesting? It's something that has interested me for a while. So from now on, once a week or so (we'll see how it goes) I'm going to post examples of great pieces of design.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

“God is in the details.”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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