Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why planner's blogs are great

Richard from Adliterate, who I've never met, but feel I know, has proposed something more useful than any IPA or APG planning paper award, he has set a challenge to see whether really good thinking by people (planners I assume?) that has led to really great work, actually works.

I've always thought the IPA Effectiveness Awards somewhat pointless, endlessly proving advertising is effective, is a bit like endlessly proving that if you drink alcohol you will get drunk. In fact, if anything these days it seems to be more about proving just how effective it is, i.e. how drunk you got, rather than whether the advertising was any good i.e. a glass of Chateaun Petrus vs. Vodka Redbull.

My dream would be to be able to prove that through brilliant thinking, and brilliant creative/engaging execution you were able to reduce media spend because of its effectiveness at generating sales. Imagine a client setting that as a target...

In case you're wondering I proposed Persil's "It's not dirt" campaign. Great thinking and beautiful strategy, I'd be really quite upset if they haven't sold bucket loads as a result.

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Anonymous Jason said...

Great point - I actually just sumbitted a case study to the Canadian equivalent of the IPA awards with exactly that argument. We increased sales every year over 5 years, with a decreased media spend every year because the ads were so efficient and well liked and well branded. Which made the ROI even higher, and the brand more profitable. And I'd never seen that argument made in a case before. I can't release the case publicly yet, have to find out if it wins something in November. But I'll be happy to share it then.

I wonder if the reason people haven't made that case more often is because for so long agencies were paid by commission on media spend, and arguing that good work allowed for less ad spending would have cut into our own paycheques. It's a poor reason, but I suspect that's why.

2:45 pm  
Blogger Will Anderson said...

Wow Jason,

That's brilliant, if you do you publish, please email me a copy.

You should win the whole thing if you can prove it. What's the client???

I agree, I suspect that has a lot to do with it, but also because media agencies are paid in the same way and so would be loathe so suggest such action. It also takes a brave marketing director, although I imagine it would be very easy to convince a finance director!

2:52 pm  
Anonymous Marcus Brown said...

I met up with a planner over here called Tim (we met through Russell's blog and it turned out that we are both in Munich). He was telling me that as a planner he is expected to know everything. I think that's why planner blog are so great.

1:45 pm  

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