Friday, November 24, 2006

Pom Bashing

In the interest of fairness (and ensuring a peaceful home life) I thought I'd share how a different company is capitalizing on the cricket. It's hardly an original idea really, I mean Australia and sledging, goes together like England and fair play, so we should all take it on the chin and not let it get to us. The problem is I'm really easy to wind up...

Weirdly enough it comes from Ford, I can't quite work out the link with cricket, maybe it makes more sense out there. Anyway it's actually quite fun, reminds me of swing the penguin.

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Blogger Stan Lee said...

Enough already!

The success of the Boonie Doll here in Australia now has every brand and their dog jumping on the "Let's do a wacky web thing for the cricket" bandwagon.

I've been sent links for one by a newspaper, one by a wine company and a couple more that I can't even remember.

11:46 pm  
Blogger Will Anderson said...

You're right. I've just go back from Australia, I can't believe the number of different brands trying to capitalise on the cricket. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, cricket is much more popular in Australia than over here.

Interestingly it does seem a much more cosmopolitan sport down under, far less elitist.

12:27 pm  

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