Monday, August 07, 2006

Where does everybody find the time?

I'm trying to:
- Write an interesting blog and a useful one too (for me mainly or anyone else who reads it)
- Keep up to date on latest trends and stuff in the industry, so reading books like "The Long Tail"
- Reading interesting books not related to work, because my imagination likes being fed
- And trying to have a social life

I can manage three out of the four, but not all of them, so one always seems to suffer. The last one isn't an option or the love of my life will leave me, and anyway being the love of my life I quite like spending time with her! So right now, number 2 is suffering, even though I'm finding it a great read (for once, one of these marketing books, is actually quite good!).

Anyone got any tips?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about all that work you're paid to do? Don't see that on the list ;-)

Drafting out blog pieces? It's what communiting was made for

10:40 am  
Blogger Will Anderson said...

Oh yes, work, that. hmmm

10:53 am  

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